Small suggestion for Permut8 - notepad

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  • John Verity

    It would be good to have some way of annotating the programs we make for Permut8. Some of the ones I have been coming up with are fun to play with - tweak this knob, pull on this set of switches, etc. But all that can get confusing and hard to remember, especially the next day. So, it occurred to me that perhaps there could be a small notepad available to save thoughts and settings, etc.

    More important, though, is that the product is great fun! It was a mystery at first, but I have, now a couple of days in, finally grasped, more or less, what it's doing and I am having a great time with it.

    I wonder if there is some historical info around on the Web about the kinds of machine this is emulating. I am certainly old enough to have been around back then, but I just wasn't paying any attention. I'll look but if others have any pointers ....

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