EP-133 K.O. II - Might there be a PO-32/35 in this series?

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  • Joey Luck

    Just saw this announced today:

    The EP–133 K.O. II

    I hope there is a device planned in the EP series based on the PO-32 / PO-35 :)
    How cool would it be to have one of those in this form factor with Microtonic transfer?

    YouTube Video
  • Solidtrax

    Also just saw it and decided to visit the forum to see if there was another gear-nut that talked about it already :-).

    It looks really nice and love how it works so far by judging the video of Cuckoo. PO-32 or 35 would be really nice to see as well, good to see that you already asked Joey!

  • Joey Luck

    I noticed on the homepage it says "EP Series"
    So perhaps it is already planned? :)

    EP Series.png
  • Solidtrax

    That would be insane! :-)

  • Alexey Sobolev

    Haha! My first thought

  • Shannon Reddy


    I'd guess the big question is if they plan to add functionality or make variants. Like, I could imagine the K.O. II being able to run the same software as the tiny PCB in the PO-32, but maybe the overhead isn't there with what they're driving, given that they designed the device after buying up lots of components in anticipation of the chip shortage.

  • Jens Mueller

    This was also my first thought, when Cuckoo said this will be a series.
    Microtonic as a hardware version/implementation with knobs to twiddle and everything, that would be totally awesome.

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