uTonic: Can it handle Midi CC Inc/Dec Encoder Values?

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  • Alexander Schulte-Stemmerk


    I try to map an external midi controller with rotary encoders to microtonic AU/VST3. That doesnt seem to work. Microtonic knobs jump between min and max values but nothing in between. Seems logical since encoders (depending on the manufacturer standard) normally send 0 or 127 to increment or decrement.

    In this case:
    B0 00 7F
    B0 00 01

    I´ve got no problems mapping actual pots or encoders in absolute mode where continuous values 0-127 are sent.

    Is microtonic capable of understanding +/- increments via Midi-CC?

    Thank you

  • Bram Damman

    There is - to my knowledge - no such thing as MIDI messages for increasing/decreasing CC-values. In order to increment/decrement a CC-value using a rotary encoder, the controller needs to receive the current CC-value.
    And it depends on the setup of your DAW if and which knobs of any VST is sent out to a controller.
    Hope this helps a bit.

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