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  • Bram Damman

    Dilemma : the buzz around Synplant 2 brought me to Sonic Charge for the first time(although I was familiar with Microtonic because I own a PO-32). And I realize that I actually I find all plugins super unique and interesting. I want them!

    Problem: I am really over my fun-budget for this year and shelling out €279 for the bundle is simply too much for me at this moment.

    Question: could someone be more specific how pricing works exactly. If, e.g. I buy Permut8 now, for €66, and later the bundle, will that give me a discount of €66 on the price of the bundle or will I end up paying a higher total price?

    On Audiothing this has worked very well for me (e.g. the Hainbach bundle). I would be really happy to here it works the same over here.


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey Bram,

    You will pay more if you buy each product individually because the bundle price is discounted by around 28%.

    It will not take into account what you paid previously. It will only remove products from the bundle that you already own. Since the price of Permut8 is €47 when buying the bundle, if you already own it, the bundle drops by €47.

  • Bram Damman

    Thank you very much for clarifying Fredrik. I'll save up some cash for to buy the whole bundle in one go, because I am pretty sure I end up wanting all the plugins anyway.

  • Eric Zang

    After logging in, when selecting the bundle to buy, should I see in the cart that it automatically reduced the price according to the plugins I already own? I'm not seeing that yet.

    Also, does the $30 holiday discount apply to the bundle?

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Yes, you need to sign in on the account where you have your purchased licenses.
    Yes, you can use the discount on a bundle purchase.

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