Loading Samples into Microtonic?

PAUL RAMPAGE338 views6 posts

    Hi Guy's,

    Is it possible to Open/Load a non Microtonic sample into Microtonic, such as a "One shot" Kick drum WAV or MP3 File/Sample?
    Or can you only use the Factory Presets it comes with?

    Thanks...Cheers !

  • Thomas Jeppesen

    Microtonic is a drumsynth. It doesn't do samples.


    thanks Thomas

  • Michael // MSLD

    Microtonic's architecture is strictly synthetic and there are no plans for adding sample playback. However, Magnus and Fredrik have considered adding audio resynthesis, similar to Synplant 2's Genopatch, to Microtonic. (That's how they made the Vintage Tonic kits for Microtonic.)

    They've talked about that possibility in the forum, stipulating that it is a potential path, not guaranteed. So, keep your eyes peeled.

  • Alex Carizma

    hey guys so would there be a way to export genopath patches to Microtonic ??

  • James Gregory

    It’s a different synth engine as far as I know, so doubt this would be possible. Maybe it’s something for the devs to consider in future Microtonic updates….perhaps they’re already working on a genopatch function for it now that Synplant has been updated 😁

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