Synplant 2 - Edit Growth modulation amount?

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  • Richard H

    Hi there, I'm trying out Synplant 2 and it's fantastic! Something I can't figure out is how to change the growth modulation amount for a particular parameter in the DNA editor.

    I see the parameters change with their modulation strips on the parameter circles in the controls on the right and I can see the modulation vary on each of the DNA "ladders" on the left.

    However, I can't figure out how to set those modulation ranges.

    Any ideas? Thank you!

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    I don't think you can actually. Would be good if you could, but very complex for all the parameters.

  • Richard H

    Ah that's a bit disappointing but thanks for the info.

    I've found that it's easy to end up with patches that have some less good middle states. So while sweeping from no growth, to growth max, you might encounter some "dead zones" that must be worked around.

    This could be mitigated by allowing modulation ranges & midpoints.

  • Jesper Ankarfeldt

    I'm missing this too.

  • Magnus Lidström

    With the new "grafting mod" it is possible to control exactly what happens when a branch grows. See .

  • Jesper Ankarfeldt

    Thanks for the response Magnus!
    Very cool that you've added these mods features, had missed them as I thought it was more a visual thing.

    I watched the video a couple of times about the grafting mod.
    So the way that I found being able to control what happens when you change the modwheel (growth) is:

    • have you initial sound saved,
    • then setting the growth amount a bit up (or to the max) and dial in the "DNA" values to what you want to happen to the original sound, basically undoing the changes you don't want from the original growth, by turning those values up or down.
    • them copy the branch, go back in to the original sound and turn up the growth and "paste" in to the modified version to the original sound.
    • now it only morphs the values I want.

    Maybe there's something I'm not seeing?
    It would be nice to just be able to change the end point on the DNA spine for any parameter, to control the growth changes a bit more, as sometimes the sound changes too drastically.

    Thanks again. Jesper

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