Struggling To Arrange & Trigger Microtonic In A DAW

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  • anonymous

    Microtonic is great to quickly produce sounds and sequence them all in one instance. The trouble starts for me when I want to make it into a full track and arrange it using my daw. Of course I could record to audio but that means I can't automate.

    I can't for the life of me figure out the best way to arrange a pattern I have build and sequenced in one instance of microtonic v3. Whenever I press play in ableton microtonic plays.

    What I want to do really is to have an instance of microtonic on its own channel playing one sound on each being triggered either by some kind of one off midi note or by the midi notes I can drag and drop from the microtonic sequencer.

    Alternatively I could run the outs of microtonic into separate channels but then need to figure out some way of triggering each drum pad sequence separately so I can bring in my kick, bass, hats, snares etc in the one instance of microtonic but at different times

    Had a look at the manual but can't seem to stop ableton play button triggering microtonic and make it start / stop using midi notes

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey there,

    Just a quick reply before I dig any deeper into your host. Did you try clicking the stop button twice inside MicroTonic so that the auto play is disabled? You should be able to see when it is on from the flashing play button in the interface.

  • Pete Tinsley

    After you press the stop button twice (to stop microtonic playback), how do you then trigger the beats to play again in time with the rest of the track, instruments etc? Do you have to click the play button manually? As the OP pointed out, there doesn't 'seem' to be any way to start/stop the beats using automation, or write them into a DAW as a sequence. Seems like you can just start playback of the pattern so it plays at the start of the song and loops continually until the end of the song. Is that the only way - just start playback at the start and use volume automation to bring the microtonic drum-loop pattern in/out as required? Thanks.

  • AAV

    Click the play button once so it's active then engage your DAW transport's play function. Microtonic should sync to your DAW's transport. (Works here in Studio One, Windows 11). If I am playing patterns from Microtonic, I never use the MT play button. When it is engaged (One Click!) MT syncs to the DAW's start/stop function.

  • Magnus Lidström

    The stop and play buttons are automatable in your DAW, just like most other sliders, knobs, and buttons. Furthermore you can use MIDI notes to start and stop individual patterns, with various trigger modes that you can choose from the MIDI configuration window.

  • Pete Tinsley

    Thanks, I'll use MIDI notes to trigger start/stop.

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