After installing Synplant 2 Reaper can't detect VST3i version of Synplant1

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  • Mathilde Hoffmann

    I've stumbled over this post:
    but since I'm not using FL Studio, but REAPER I thought it'd be better to create a new issue.

    I installed Synplant2 today and have the problem that after installation, old projects that still used Synplant1 claim to not find the VST(3) anymore.

    Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-04 um 16.40.45.png

    I tried following the advice from the FL forum and uninstalling Synplant completely, however there's one last trace of Synplant I can't remove (when I open the FX browser in REAPER it shows me this)

    Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-04 um 16.35.30.png

    However when I try to open the AUi it says the plug-in could not be loaded:

    Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-04 um 16.35.37.png

    And there's no Synplant Plug-In file to be found in the "component" or "VST" or "VST3" folder under User/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins
    I also tried removing Synplant from REAPERs reaper-auplugins-arm64.ini and reaper-vstplugins_arm64.ini files, but on startup of REAPER, Synplant gets added to the .ini files again.

    EDIT: I now reinstalled Synplant 1 through the "Sonic Charge Plugins 2022.11.25" installer and was able to open the old project again. It's just Synplant 2 that causes the vst3 connection to break somehow.

    Is there a way how I can make sure that Synplant is entirely removed so that I can cleanly reinstall it and try again? Would I have to remove all of my custom patches etc., too?
    Is there anything else I could try to be able to open old projects but use them with Synplant 2?
    I used Synplant1 in sooooo many projects, I can't really risk not being able to restore them anymore. (which I want to compliment you for - Synplant is my favorite piece of music software EVER)


  • Chevy Ash

    did you ever find a solution to this? im having a similar issue on FL 21 at the moment as well. i can't seem to find a solution like everyone else has

  • Sun Juice

    Your synplant has not been uninstalled and synplant (×64) is still on the computer. I have never used Reaper, but if Reaper has a plugin manager similar to fl studio, You can look at the location of synplant (×64) in plugin manager and delete it, or you can search for the file on disk and delete it

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