Loading fxp in studio one not working

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    Cyclone refuses to import fxp-fx files in studio one when it's loaded as an instrument .
    Fxp-fxb files are old vst2 presets and in cyclone it saves the whole machine state ( includig samples )
    It works perfectly in other hosts like renoise , reaper l, architect etc...
    I'm still on studio 4.6
    Here are a couple of old tx16w libraries converted to fxp , totally safe download
    When I drag drop the fxp files from the browser into the timeline , cyclone is automatically inserted as an effect and not as a vsti.

    WHen loading the presets from the dropdown in cyclone as an instrument , nothing happens .


  • AAV

    This apparently is only a problem when both the vsti and the fx version of cyclone are installed. The vsti, when installed alone works fine in the latest studio one here.

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