Microtonic Channels on Seperate MIDI channels?

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    Hello, I am a trying to get 6 of the channels on my VCM-600 to be dedicated to each channel on the MicroTonic to make a sort of dedicated hardware interface.

    In channel 1 on the VCM600 and have 7 of the knobs dedicated Mix1, Osc Freq1, NfiltFreq1, NenvDecay1, NenvAtk1,OscDcy1,OscAtk1 and that works great. I can right click and assign it AWESOME. However when I go to channel 2 the CC data # is the same and there is no MIDI editor or way to re-program the knobs on the VCM600. So for the Filter on the VCM600 the CC# is #22 and on the MIDI channel that is the same as the VCM channel ie: Mixer channel 1 is MIDI channel 1 and Mixer channel 2 is MIDI channel 2 and so fourth up to 12 channels.

    So I am trying to get the Mix1 slider to be assigned to CC#22 and on MIDI Channel 1. Then for the second Drum/Synth Part Get Mix2 Slider assigned to CC#22 MIDI channel 2 on Mixer Channel 2. I have messed with it alot and I dont think this is possible. Macros only has 8 available knobs. I can map it out exactly the way I want it by using Abletons MIDI assignments and thats great but it doesnt save the MIDI assignments for future sessions only for the one being worked on. I can save the MIDI config inside the Microtonic and that saves the MIDI assignments but I run into the problem with the CC#'s being the same but on seperate channels.

    Now I can re-program the MIDI controllers when I open a new instance of the Microtonic but Mapping 6ch X 7knobs each time (42 Midi CC) seems like a pain.

    I am looking at Max for Live to see if I can get more Macros but I spent all day yesterday trying to get this right without Max. Any Ideas????

    Here is the Manual for the VCM-600

    Thanks Guys!

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