Controlling Bitspeek with MIDI in logic X

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  • danny kamps

    I know this is explained in the manual and I've read forums online and nothing has worked. I set up Bitspeek on a MIDI channel as a midi controlled effect. I have a continuous audio signal playing on audio track 1. I side chain the Bitspeek using incoming audio from track 1. I play a key. There is nothing. I feel like I did what I was supposed to but I can't get the Bitspeek to recognize the audio at all. I'm so frustrated, any help would be so appreciated.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hmm, I just tested it in Logic Pro 10.6.3, there you just add Bitspeek as an AU MIDI-controlled effect to a new track. Select the audio track in the side chain drop-down in the top right corner. Then flip on MIDI on inside Bitspeek, add a MIDI track to it and it starts following the notes.

  • K M

    This tutorial was helpful

    YouTube Video

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