Microtonic changes pattern with actual A,B,C,D etc..keys

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    In renoise we can play the plugins with the actual computer keyboard when AND only when the instrument is FOCUSED-selected.in the isntument box ( upper right corner )
    Latest version of microtonic even when It's not focused ( or in the shown example the slot iccupied with Zebra ) , the keys A,B,C,D,E etc..still change the patterns in Microtonic .

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    Steps to reproduce

    Load microtonic in first instr.slot in renoise , and choose a pattern with multiple patterns , DO NOT enable chain function.
    Select some patterns withe the mouse cursor .
    Now Select an empty instrument slot in renoise.
    Bring up back the gui of microtonic ,and repeat step 1 ( manually change patterns with mouse cursor)
    Now press keys A,B, C, result is that the pattersn are changed ( you might want oto change global octave between 3_5 ) while an empty instrument slot is selected


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    Disabling keyboard shortcuts solves it .
    Topic can be closed


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