PO-32 feature requests

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  • SON WU


    It's my first post here and I want to say how amazing Microtonic is and the new addition of Beatspace is genius!

    Now to my ideas for improvement (maybe this is already possible and I just don't know):

    1. It seems that by default Kicks are on the 1 and snare are on the 5, which isn't the way it is laid out on the PO-32. Is there a way to change it automatically, so it goes 1KICK 2SNARE 3HAT 4PERCS ?

    2. the dice/randomize function in Beatspace also seems to allocate sounds to random channels, rather than in any logical order...is there a way to change that, so it will always put the most kick like sound on channel 1?

    Anyway, Beatspace is great and a wonderful feature for a drum synth noob.

  • Michael Reyes

    How did you update microtonic?

  • SON WU

    I think I just re-installed it

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