Can't find my plugins in Ableton Live 9

Árni Grétar42 views3 posts
  • Árni Grétar

    Hey guys. Just purchased the bundle. I have autherized on my Windows 10 machine and all is good. Now I also installed on my Windows 7 machine running Ableton Live 9 - with 32 bit installer - but Live won't "see" my Sonic Charge plugins. Only Cyclone. All other plugins from others are good to go. Can you guys give me a help :) Thanks!

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Since the latest release (with VST3), we do not support 32-bit anymore. You can download and use the previous installer if you really need 32-bit.

  • Árni Grétar

    Thanks Fredrik - I un-installed and installed again and now they are here safe and sound :) thanks guys!

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