Request: Add features to bitspeek similar to PO-35

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  • SpaceIsABlackCat

    I'll start off by saying I love my PO-35. The sounds are great and it's fun to build little sonic snippets on the fly. However it is not easy to utilize in a studio setting when I want to use it for an entire song. It is technically possible to record each part and then play it out while recording but it's tedious chore. I did it once.

    For studio work I love using Bitspeek because I can record my vocals (edit them if needed) and then record the midi triggers and have it all play back nicely. If I need to change something, it's fairly easy. I think Bitspeek is a great vocoder-style plug in since it keeps a lot of the nuance and tonal qualities of the original vocal track. However I wish there were more tonal options like in the PO-35 such as synth, vocoder, and robot. Sometimes I want even more of a synthetic sound and simply dialing down the rate is not what the track needs. Is there any chance you could eventually add the PO-35 FX presets, or something similar, to Bitspeek?


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