New version (Nov. 2022) of Cyclone

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  • Hallvard T.

    Thanks to Magnus and Fredrik, a new verson of Cyclone has just been announced, and consists of a resizeable GUI and a few other enhancements! Click the above announcement link to read more and get to the download section.

    If Magnus and/or Fredrik are reading: thank you for still supporting Cyclone! Excellent work.
    A suggestion for a minor graphic improvement though: the "Filter edit" button has had its text removed (because it has has no function), but it appears that not the same type of black colour has been used to paint over it as the rest of the buttons.
    Enclosed is a screenshot (which has further been brightened to better illustrate this). Would you mind fixing this?

    Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 14.09.04.png

  • Mads Martinsen

    Made out to look like someone just used a black marker over the text?

  • John Simmons

    I'm pretty sure it's a cheeky joke to emulate using a marker on the button, as i guess one would after moving to Typhoon.

  • gentleclockdivider gentleclockdivider

    LOL , this made me laugh out loud .
    @ op , the graphic designer knew pretty well what he-she was doing ,it's a tongue in cheek joke

  • Hallvard T.

    Hehe.. you guys could be right even though the "black marker" is way too close to the original black button colour (the screenshot above has been modified as the original is much darker), and they should make it more obvious, or remove the button text properly in my opinion.

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