Multi out only opens Micr-3-4

thorsten puttenat50 views2 posts
  • thorsten puttenat

    Hi there.

    I have a problem I didn't have before: Opening Microtonic in Multi-mode only gives me one more channel: Micr-3-4. Before today I could open up all 8 channels for each sound. Very strange.

    My specs: Logic Pro X 10.7.1 on Big Sur 11.6.8, Microtonic 3.3.3

    I'd appreciate any help, thanks in advance! :)

  • Benson Fables

    Hmm, of course this is what you get with the non-multi version, so just to double check you're not using that despite you clearly stating otherwise. Unfortunately, my specs are not similar to yours, Win 10, Reason, MT 3.3.3 and all is fine here. Could it be a Logic Pro X thing?

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