Patternarium Feature Suggestion - Serial Playback

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  • TMacD

    1st, thank you for a great set of tools.

    I was wondering if you guys have ever considered creating an automatic playback loop with replay controls for Patternarium?

    Use case:
    The patterns and sounds that are generated are almost always great to listen to, so I often find myself just rolling through patterns for the enjoyment or inspiration even when I'm not planning on producing music at that time.

    I suspect I am not alone in this behavior so what if I could just "turn on" Patternarium to continuously play through patterns using a repeat count I can set and a replay button so I can quickly go back to something that caught my attention. That way, I'm in your interface for extended periods of time voting, favoriting and downloading. I'm already trained to do this thanks to streaming services like Pandora so why not leverage behaviors your customers already have. Having users in your products everyday is stuff dreams are made of.

    Just a thought.


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