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  • Madson

    Will you make something like Patternarium, but for Synplant?

  • Christophe Le Padellec

    Great idea <3

  • toitoy

    - Fredrik Lidström wrote:
    Patternarium for Synplant is an interesting idea, but harder to realize in a practical solution. Different sounds work in different notes, chords, melodies or songs. I also think that voting for them would be both hard and very tedious. It's like you would have Patternarium today only play one sound in a pre-defined rhythm and then we would take the top votes and try to mix them.
  • c0nsilience

    Hehe, I asked the same question back in 2018 😉

    From what I've seen, the AI in Synplant 2 will bring users very close to having a Patternarium of sorts for Synplant.

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