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  • MarJoh

    There’s no better drum synth in existence. Best money I’ve ever invested in my studio. I can make INSANE beats with it. It smokes everything else on the market. You’ll be hearing it in my songs soon. Thank you Sonic Charge. PLEASE don’t ever stop updating this GENIUS software. I would probably quit making music if I didn’t have it at this point

  • Bru Franco

    Magnus he is a Genius!!!! Microtonic is the best, nothing compares. ♥️♥️♥️
    I love you Microtonic

  • MarJoh

    He is most certainly a genius

  • Scott Oram

    I completely agree!!!

  • JBDS1

    It Can be better but Magnus doesn't want to involve anymore.. that's a shame

  • gerard de la chanson

    just closed a project realising how much fun und very good results i had over all those years. this is by far the best 100 bucks i ever spent. thank you both! hope you and yours are well and you still have pleasure to create such timeless and exiting stuff (cough).
    if you ever retire u need to make this open source.
    if you ever need another 100 bucks the just get back to me.

  • Soundtemple

    agree without doubt one of the best vst's ever bought by me

  • Hack Snake

    best drum synth ever,even the tr-8s

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