microtonic vst studio one problem

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  • Ricardo Stap

    My microtonic crashed at the vst version inside studio one pro v5.
    I tried uninstalling but now it won't load the vet (only the AU does load). If I go inside the plugin manager I see the vst and multi vst but if I want to show inside finder it won't open any location which is understandable because I deleted it. I tried several re-installs but it won't allow me now to open the microtonic and can't remove it. anyone knows what's going on and what I can do? :( yes I could use the au version, but I exchange presets between windows and my Mac. thanks in advance.

  • AAV

    I use Microtonic in S1 pro 5.5. all the time as a vsti in win10 64 latest version. How is the vst working on your windows machine and what version of windows?

  • Ricardo Stap

    Oh sorry. I mentioned I am forced now to use au version. I thought it was enough to make clear I’m on Mac. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’m on a Mac.

  • AAV

    I understood that but you stated you needed the vst version to exchange presets with your PC. Or did I misunderstand - is this bootcamp or?

  • Ricardo Stap

    Oh I’m sorry. Yes indeed but not on bootcamp. I send them to my buddy or he send them to me. So I can’t rely on au. But i just don’t understand why it won’t work after the update.

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