Why is "Edit All" button not midi mappable on Microtonic?

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  • Pablo Antxonne

    I´m new to the forum, and fairly new to Microtonic. I tested it some years ago and ended up buying a MachineDrum instead, but right now because of life changes I´m using the trial and will probably sell my MachineDrum and buy Microtonic, since it is much better suited to me right now.
    My idea is to have a BCR 2000 mapped and used only for MT.
    There is one thing I would love to be able to do that seems not possible right now, and it is to map the "Edit All" button via midi, so I can edit all sounds at once pushing a button on my controller, and then recall the preset with a Program Change message mapped to another button.
    Is there a technical reason this is not possible, or could it be added in an update if I somehow got to convince you guys to do it?
    I think this button gives great possibilities for live use, but not being midi mappable it just loses all sense for me.


    Hi same question.

    I was hoping to activate EDIT ALL and have CC some parameters so that I could move my controller and have all channels follow the same controller. But only the parameter from the channel I did the learn is moving. It's not very useful As i guess no one is really mapping all parameters through all voices ! But having a controller moving all would be great for performance and macro effects like using the morph fader but more "focus" on some aspects.
    Did I miss something ?

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