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  • 50Cal Beats

    Sorry if this doesn't really belong here, I didn't want to leave a comment immediately after purchase because I hadn't really gotten a chance to dive into the plugin yet. At this point however, I HAVE to leave some sort of feedback. (Where would the best place be to leave a review?)

    Permut8 is probably the most interesting effect plugin I've ever laid my hands on, and it's way more versatile than it appears. Congratulations, and a big thank you, to the dev for creating something so out of this world and having it hold up to the tests of time! I already know I'll be enjoying using it for as long as I'm working on music.

    P.S. I also have Synplant and it's my favorite synth to play with when I'm short on time or having a slow brain day!

  • Manuel Senfft

    Yes, Permut8 is really funny and more versatile than it seems! Thanks for your feedback and yes, kudos to Sonic Charge here! (=

  • aoVI

    one of my all-time favorites

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