Permut8 - wet signal goes in and out (Logic Pro)

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  • Dan Tenenbaum


    First off, I am running the 3-week trial version so that may have something to do with the problems I am experiencing. I want to purchase Permut8 but I probably won't if I can't solve this issue.

    I have permut8 installed in Logic Pro 10.7.2 on an intel MacBook Pro running macOS 11.6.1 (Big Sur).

    I added Permut8 to an audio track and went to the preset "[A1] Infinite Climb". When I play the track I only hear the dry signal but then when I get to a specific part of the track, I then hear the permut8'd sound. There is no automation on the track so that is not what is going on.

    With other presets/settings, they sometimes work and sometimes don't. The effect seems to turn on and off randomly (though usually the actual "power button" for the plugin stays on (sometimes it goes off though)).

    Is there a way to debug this? I have tried shutting down all other apps and rebooting, and removing other tracks/plugins - all to no avail.

    Here is a short video demonstrating one permutation (lol) of the problem. Logic cycles over a short part of the audio track and when it gets to around bar 25 permut8 kicks in. As you can see there are no automation lanes controlling permut8.

    YouTube Video

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    You say you have no automation but I can see in the video that the bit switches flip position. If this is not intentional, it might be incoming MIDI on the track that's doing it. Try changing MIDI control at the top from "bits" to "off".

  • Dan Tenenbaum

    Thanks! That was definitely not intentional. I turned MIDI control "off" and now the "infinite climb" preset is working, but "Mersenne Twister" is still not changing the incoming signal at all (and MIDI control is still "off").

    Well, it works every few times I go to that preset, and then only for a few seconds, then it goes back to the dry signal.

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