C headers for PO-32 Tonic backup & restore signal?

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  • Andrew Pennebaker


    I love my PO-32 Tonic!

    As a budding C++ programmer, I am keen to design my own sounds with an API, much faster than a GUI. And then import my designs into the synth. Which C headers could we #include, in order to generate a working Tonic configuration signal?

    I've been puttering around with BPSK decoding to try to obtain a struct from the backup signals of my physical PO-32 Tonic unit.


    So far, I can see some hints of patterns. But I'd appreciate more definite documentation on the exact analog encoding used.

    As well, instructions for converting to and from C synth configuration structs to digital configuration signals. The more FOSS the backup & restore operation becomes, the more powerfully expressive this amazing musical instrument will be!

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