Losing transient while trimming

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    It doesn't happen all the time , but
    When recording a sample and going to the sample- trimming page , when enabling 'auto' it automatically seeks the start of the sample
    Most of the time it fades in the intial attack of the sample making it softer
    This is not a problem since we can manually adjust the start point to get out transient back , but even after doing that and applying it , the trimmed sample sometimes misses the initial start click-transient , resulting in a smooth fade in losing the initial POP, transient
    This is most notiecable on kick sounds like 808
    Was this also present on the original typhoon -tx16w ?

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    Here's a picture of a recording
    RIght before and after trimmng the sample
    The trimmed sample has an abvious fade in , fade in is NOT selected in the sample proces



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