µTonic Multi Rack + step sequencer for Launchpad

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  • Marc Sauter

    free to delete

  • BoB SwanS

    Nice!,I will be trying this out today!

  • Hector HP

    - phazedown wrote:
    I have adapted the drum rack workaround to my personal needs with 16 instruments.
    This for I had to add two instances of µTonic and combined the drum racks to an instrument rack.
    For those who even need more than that, like 24 or 32 instruments, I made two additional versions.
    Furthermore I changed the default MIDI note assignments so I can use a step sequencer for Novation Launchpad on it.

    You will also find the step sequencer included in the attachment just as a short readme file.
    (original source: http://motscousus.com/stuff/2011-07_Novation_Launchpad_Ableton_Live_Scripts - a VERY powerful python script including device control)
    I only made minor changes including adaption of velocity to µTonic's default of 64 and removing the key/octave marks.
    Today I bought µTonic after watching it since 2009, the MIDI routing option was the final feature missing for me.
    Wasting much time without it, but now I really have an excellent workflow without any samples =)
    In case you find mistakes, have suggestions or can't open the file please contact me.
    Remember the initial work is made by someone else, not me. Have fun!
    edit: I gave back my launchpad within the 30 day period.
    Excellent workflow but plugging in/out and using it just 2 hours a week was a waste -_-
    µTonic Multi Rack + step sequencer.zip(362kB, 677 downloads)

    Just Amazing!!!!

    Works perfectly this is exactly what I was looking for, for my live performance.

    Thank you. :)

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