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  • anonymous

    I'm checking the demo version and beeing quit impressed by MicroTonic so far.

    Can I set a probability / or chance value for a specific step? Somethink like xx%?

    Can I specify an individual midi out channel per voice, to trigger other vstis?


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi Thomas,

    You can not set a step probability in the sequencer. There is no magic real-time pattern randomization going on, sorry. =)

    Regarding your other question. Yes it is possible. Normally the step sequencer in MicroTonic will send note triggers out on MIDI CH 1. Each drum channel corresponds to a different note starting at C2 for drum channel 1 up to G2 for drum channel 8.

    If you go into the MIDI Config dialog and set the Mode to "Pitched" instead of "Standard". MicroTonic will switch behavior and instead you will get each drum channel in MicroTonic sent on a separate MIDI CH from 1 to 8.

    Note that this setting also changes how MicroTonic receives MIDI and how MIDI is exported from the MIDI Export menu as well as the MIDI drag function.

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