MTS-ESP support. Microtuning and MPE support.

Tyler Madden125 views3 posts
  • Tyler Madden

    I would like to request MTS-ESP integration/support, since native microtuning and MPE still seem to be nothing more than a dream in the SonicCharge universe :)

    I would also like to put another bid in for native microtuning and/or MPE. PLEASE!

  • Micah Sam

    Hi Tyler!

    2nded, native integration would be amazing!

    Did want to say, I ... think that at least monophonic MTS-ESP will work in the current state. I was able (will some very patient guidance from the MTS folks) to get it up an running with everything from Ableton's native synths to Vital, etc. To clarify, this was via the pitchbend method, not MPE so I think it would also work with some of the tools here as long as they accept pitchbend messages.

    Let me know how you get on - MPE integration would be amazeballs of course but imagine it's a bit of a timesuck to integrate, glad to share what little knowledge I have if I can help u towards a fully functioning armed and operational battle station ^_^

  • Eric Zang

    I also feel it would be great to see MTS-ESP for synplant and other applicable plugins.

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