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  • Richard James

    I recently bought Premut8 and love it. The problem is I'm having problems to control program changes in Premut8 with the keys on my midi keyboard. I can do this by using Premut8 on an audio clip (like in the manual), but I don't know how to do it on a midi clip. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

  • Manuel Senfft

    I think some more information would be useful:

    1. What DAW?
    2. What are the steps you are doing?
    3. How do you want to use Permut8 (an audio effect) on MIDI data? Maybe you can elaborate, what you meant with this?
  • Richard James

    Thanks Manuel. I'm using Ableton 10. If I load an audio file onto an audio track in Ableton with Premut8 and then add a midi file and route 'midi to' to the audio file I can change the programs (A0 - C9) with my midi controller keyboard (Arturia Minilab MKII). I want to be able to do the same thing (change the programs with my midi keyboard), but not with an audio file. I want to do it with an instrument (like Omnisphere). So whilst a looped section is playing, I want to change the programs (A0 - C9) with my midi controller keyboard I have tried many routing ways in Ableton but I just can't do it. I hope this is clear. Many thanks for your advice.

  • Manuel Senfft

    Ah I understand now! I had a similar "issue" in Reaper. It is not Permut8 related, though, but DAW related. So I guess you should ask Ableton Live users or in the respective community (maybe some users here could help?).

    I just can tell out of experience in Reaper: there I can route the MIDI of one channel into another channels different bus. In Permut8 I then can chose this specific bus to receive the MIDI data from.

    Why it works on your audio but not your virtual instruments: the latter one most probably just receives all the MIDI data and basically "swallows" it so that nothing after this virtual instrument gets the MIDI data as well.

    Maybe in Ableton Live (or even in Reaper and I just did not get it, haha ... just using it for around a year now) there is even an easier way to let such MIDI data "pass through" an virtual instrument to the next plugins in the chain?

    Hopefully this might help you already or somebody else might be of help here. Good luck! (=

  • Richard James

    Thank you Manuel. That's a great help. Appreciate it..

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