Sharing PO-32 Vintage Tonic Pack ?

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  • Thibaut Caudrelier

    Hi Sonic Charge & Happy New Year !

    Thank you so much for the amazing Vintage Tonic Pack which I love (especially DMX) !
    Gamechanger on the PO-32 Tonic !!!

    Do you accept that I share one patch (or two to make a full 16 sounds backup) for PO-32 Tonic user who dont have Microtonic ? Or is it forbidden ?

    Thank you for your response : No problem if it's forbidden, I totally understand, but I want to be sure and have your point of view on this question !

    Have a good day !

  • Koshdukai

    Good question (and idea).

    You'd be sharing it as an audio file, right?

  • Petty Vendetta

    I thought everything from Patternarium was "share alike". Magnus even said so on this very forum.
    Didn't mean to put you in a position, amigo. Appreciate your diligence. Trying to finish this track and that patch would be SUPER helpful. These files are worthless to anyone without a PO32anyway.




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