MIDI enable the Pattern Editor's Note On/Off lane!

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  • Mattheus Goemans

    I used to be the proud owner of an Korg EMX-1 and borrowed this idea from that groove machine (in lieu of Image-Line's new groove machine.... ;-)). Now like many others I own a plethora of vst's and midi controllers that are able to send cc's and note information, and this is where I truly think Nuedge should step up to the plate... Well, IMO....

    Anyways, what I want Microtonic 3.0.x to be able to do is the ability to assign MIDI messages (CC or Note info) to its' Pattern Editor Note On/Off lane. So that instead of us using the mouse to turn notes on and off, we use the row of physical buttons or drum pads on our controller gear to do that. It would make live use easier and the design of new drum patterns WAY more efficient. And I get more use out of the sh1tload of unused buttons on my existing gear....

    Besides it all, thank you Nuedge for such a tight kick ass drum synth!

    I know you aren't going to do this soon (since you diligently replied to this idea through the support page, however I do think by throwing it out there in the open might change your mind?!)


  • philter

    bump! +1
    that would be a nice addition, good idea

  • Gino Tozzi

    I'm shocked that this isn't already implemented to be honest. I was really hoping to use my maschine as a complete hardware interface with uTonic. Magnus, could you possibly inform me how to write a script to enable this feature?

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