Mute groups (drums) in TX16W/Typhoon/Cyclone

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  • NickLimegrove

    Hi everyone, hi Magnus,

    I have a (physical) TX16W which (despite its limitations) has its special place among my two other main samplers -- mainly due to the fun and ease of use provided by Magnus's amazing work that is Typhoon. And I'm very glad that (with the Cyclone VSTi counterpart) apparently there is still a place online to ask a question like the following.

    Here it is: what is the "proper" way to set up a mute (or "choke") group in a drumkit?

    Suppose we have the classical combination of closed and open hihat (HHC, HHO), and we want them to be on the notes F#1 and Bb1 respectively. We want HHC to be able to cut off HHO.

    We can do mutual muting of sounds by putting them into the same VOICE, in the same GROUP, and setting them up as SPLITS, and making the group monophonic -- at least that's the path I've been experimenting with.

    However, this only seems to work when the notes (or ranges of notes) that trigger the two waves are "neighbors". We could put HHC on F#1, and HHO on G1, and we'd be set.

    But what if we wanted to follow the usual conventions (General MIDI drum map, etc.)? Such as a Tom sound on G1 and A1, maybe an extra "mid" Hihat on G#1?

    The splits in Typhoon don't work with "discontinuous" notes, right?

    One idea I had was to put "empty" waves on the notes in between F#1 and Bb1. But that still leaves us with the problem that an incoming notes G1 or A1 (which is supposed to trigger the Toms sitting in other group) will result in a muting of the HHO on Bb1.

    There are, definitely, workarounds:

    (1) for now, I've resorted to make HHO gate-length dependent. It will sound as long as it hasn't received an explicit note-off message. But of course that requires a different style of sequencer programming, and takes away a lot flexibility.

    (2) another option would be to set up the drumkit as a PERFORMANCE, with each drum sound as its own VOICE (extra benefit: we overcome the limitations in the number of groups per voice). And then use the monophonic individual outs, i.e. route both HHC and HHO to the same output, where they will mutually cut off. Problem: it's only going to work if you're willing to use individual outs in the first place (which means mixing them back together in the console, possibly creating extra work). Some people (whom you may want to exchange the drumkit with) may not want to be forced to use the individual outs.

    I hope I've been able to bring across what I'm trying to do. Any hint is appreciated! If the answer is simply "can't be done", I'll be able to live with option (2) perfectly for my own use.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hallvard T.

    Seems like you've the same question I just posted:
    Seeing nobody commented/replied to your post, did you ever find a solution to this problem yourself?

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