Two Cyclone questions

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  • Fotis Ky

    Hello! I love Cyclone and I'd like to ask a couple of things about its OS. I read the manual extensively and still couldn't figure these out:

    1) How can you play multiple voices (or performances?) from the same instance of Cyclone using multiple MIDI inputs? I managed to map a performance to a specific MIDI input with the "Ch" parameter, but can I load multiple performances at the same time?

    2) How can you add a sample to an existing library? Can I take stuff from a floppy and add them to another one? Can a voice be added to a performance after you load a sample into it?

    Thanks in advance!

  • gentleclockdivider gentleclockdivider

    Assuming you already know how make different voices >
    To play cyclone multitimbral , you have to go to performance set up and create additional entries , each correspronding to their own midi channel
    See screenshot


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