How to replicate the smear effect?

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  • Leandro

    Hi. I own echobode for quite some time and I love it.
    I want to replicate some of what it does on my modular rig. I´m particularly struggling with the "smear" knob. I don´t quite understand what it actually does. From the manual:
    "...smearing the phases of the signal spectrum through a section of all-pass delays. Notice that the smearing section is located inside the feedback path and that it introduces additional delay time."

    Still, don´t get what it does nor how to replicate it. Any ideas?

  • Magnus Lidström

    I'm not sure how easy that would be to replicate with existing modules. All-pass delays are building blocks inside reverb algorithms and the smearing section inside Echobode has been carefully design and optimized for this particular signal chain.

    I guess the nearest you could come with some external gear would be with a simple but clean, very short reverb. Something that does not color the sound at all, so nothing with early reflections. Just an extremely short white reverb tail.

  • Leandro

    I just realized that they are all-pass DELAYS (they were all-pass FILTERS to me, which lead me to a phaser effect).
    Thanks for the tip! I´ll try that.

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