Septatic Nonrepubling

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  • German Fafian

    A new tracks from moi.
    I'm creating tracks inspider solely on random Microtonic patches created by patternarium (hence the names of the tracks.
    The process:
    -. Start Microtonic with the chosen patch
    -. Noodle with my guitar until an idea comes up.
    -. Develop the musical idea until I have some sort of structure.
    -. Add Bass Synth and "real drums" along with the Microtonic patch used.
    -. Add FX.
    -. Work with it until I get bored/tired
    -. Finish it :)
    So far I have finished 3 tunes (instrumentals as I can't sing to save my life) which fall into Cinematic/experiemtnal tags. The name of the songs are the same names of the patches where the ideas came from:
    1-. Pseudoge Acetoxen 04:05
    2-. Precidog Dextrospect 04:52
    3-. Septatic Nonrepubling 06:05

    All material registered under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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