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  • anonymous

    Hello, support!

    I have just started my trial of Microtonic V3 and I have found it could be addictive for me! VERY.
    I was wondering about special promotional prices that often occur at intervals. For example Zeta+ Synth has just dropped the price from $99 to 3 prices, depending on which pack, to $19.99, $14.99 and $16.99, that will last for 3 days only :-)

    I was wondering if there are any plans to run a similar type of promotion? Not that I would expect a drop by such a major extent as the above, but if it was about a 50% drop, that would last 3 days, I would simply HAVE to grab it.
    The news would get around fast and all major web sites and boards would post the news, thus giving the promotional advertising for this and other Sonic Charge products :rolleyes:
    If ever this has been considered before, i do not know. But my question is: Would you?
    Or has it?

    Thanks for reading and your time.......

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi, thanks for you question. I know it is commonly used strategy among most companies to drive extra sales for a wide range of reasons. It can be anything from slow months, competitive pricing to just getting some extra buzz.

    We usually do not have any special discount promotional campaigns on the Sonic Charge products. Looking historically, You might even say that you should not wait but always buy our products right away. :) We keep on adding a lot of value to our products in both upgrades as well as patch packages and services like the Patternarium. So far all of these has been free for our existing customers and throughout the years we have generally only increased the prices of our products as they grow bigger. For both Synplant and MicroTonic we even had a lower introductory price when they were released.

    Now, as they say, there is no rule without exceptions. We did actually have a campaign drive for Christmas two years back where we gave discount codes to all our existing customers. They were free to either use these to purchase one of our products they did not already own, or give them away as gifts. This was a huge success for both our existing customers as well as those lucky that got these as gifts. It's not completely unlikely that this might happen again, but it is nothing I can promise or suggest anyone to wait for, as it has only happened once in eight years. :)

  • anonymous

    Hi, Fredrik.

    Thank you for the lengthy reply.

    I assume, then,I will have to enjoy the trial period and save my work in hope. (8 is a good number) I have awful problems with my laptop batteries (Bios and power) and the CPU is just not powerful enough for serious music productions thus, I have to put my only real spare finances into a new system, albeit PC or Laptop with an icore or dual core processor and extra soundcard and speekers.

    If I was to pay $99 for microtonic, it would be a long time before I can buy a new system.
    At present, I can only produce very basic work due to lack of CPU, therefore, my priority has to be a new system although I would not hesitate to grab Microtonic if it did get a special promotional discount price change.

    Magnus has done very well in his work with this amazing product that inspires it's use.
    I will have to hold my breath for now and see what occurs either financially or with Sonic charge.

    Again, thank's for the reply :)

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