Easter Eggs

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  • Dave Ashford

    Ha ha, my Microtonic has an easter egg of Easter Eggs!

    Nice touch, Happy Easter! :)

  • guido de grefte

    Love the easter egg! Thanks

  • Sam Saw

    Well done and Happy Easter from the real UK

  • Olli Treiber

    How does my Microtonic get Easter eggs? Please Eggs :-)

  • Sam Saw

    I just loaded a new patch/preset and they came up in the sequence, i assume they are in the code to pop up on a certain date.

    Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 23.25.53.png
  • Olli Treiber

    Okay.Thanks for your Info and Screen.Very Nice :-) Where can download this Patch/Preset ? On this Site ?

  • Dave Ashford

    It will be coded into the software, not the presets ;) My VLC media player icon gets a Santa hat at Xmas too

  • Eine Alte Oma

    :D now that's a great feature

  • deeko

    Nice surprise (my first year with Microtonic)!
    Always good to have some pagan imagery pop up unexpectedly ;D
    I enjoy and appreciate the playfulness behind touches like this.

  • frédéric Henrion

    here is mine

    Capture d’écran 2023-04-09 à 19.40.50.png
  • deeko

    Looking magnificent

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