RNDM Spaces For Sonic Charges' Synplant 269 Presets! FREE

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  • AbstractCats George

    RNDM Spaces Synplant FREE! 269 Presets. Using the "Plant New Seed" function.
    I've tweaked some of the sounds, but mostly I like the way they are.
    I've found them most useful for ambient, experimental, and futuristic techno.
    Hopefully you can find some cool uses for these.


    Cheers, and happy 2018!

    Scott AC

  • Danny Jones

    I can't be opened it..

  • AbstractCats George

    - Danny Jones wrote:
    I can't be opened it..

    Hmm, Just tried unzipping it(I'm using ExtractNow) and it seems to unzip just fine for me, strange. what unzip program do you use?

  • Drew Bennett

    Works fine for me. Thank you :D

  • AbstractCats George

    - Andrew Bennett wrote:
    Works fine for me. Thank you :D

    No problem :)

  • Brendan Donovan

    nice collection! definitely a few gems I hadn't noticed before - thanks :)

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