Synplant greater pitch bend range

George Lewkowicz282 views2 posts
  • George Lewkowicz

    Could Synplant please have a greater pitch bend range - I'm currently using it with a Seaboard Rise (which I'm not sure if you're aware, it naturally supports MPE) but for it to be fully compatible it needs to be able to be set to a greater pitch bend range. 24 would be super helpful, 48 even more so. Thanks!

  • Joey Luck

    I concur.

    And one of the things I really like about Synplant is that the pitch bend is a global MIDI setting (versus being saved per patch, like with some other synths). I have other synths with broader pitch bend range, but the setting is saved with each patch and becomes a pain browsing presets and having to set the range each time.

    Having the range be 48 is best since many plugins that support controllers like the Seaboard have that as the default (along with the Seaboard's default settings).

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