Anyone want to start sharing their kits or sounds with PO32 users?

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  • Users avatarJack Pimiento

    Hi All,

    I'm hoping some of you might feel like sharing some of your sounds for us non Microtonic owning PO32 users?

    Maybe using sound cloud and a PO-32 tag?

    The PO 32 is great as is but it would be cool if some of the Patternarium kits or any of your own kits and sounds were shared by using the transfer audio method.


  • Users avatarDavid Primmer

    I think the first one we should have is the factory loaded sounds. It's another way to do a factory reset. I had trouble finding the instructions for how to reset mine.

    factory-po-32 by david-primmer-237466705

    It took quite a few tries to get it working with my macbook pro. For example, I had "use ambient noise reduction" on for my mic. I also started off using too high of a volume. Keeping recording below 1/2 input level for the built in mic worked best.

    One thing I don't really like about soundcloud is you can't do an exact text match search

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