Controlling Microtonic with external sequencer and midi controller

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    Hi. I want to use the Arturia Beat Step Pro which is a sequencer with 3 tracks, one of which is for drums. And I would like to change the sound of each individual drum channel in real time with the help of an external midi controller in my case a Novation Zero SL MKII. How can I do this? I cannot use the Midi configuration settings Select drum channel with midi notes with Midi CC operate on selected channel, because the BeatStep Pro triggers channels in real time and they change all the time. Any ideas? Thank you.

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    No one?

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    Do this activate in the Novation Automap the VSTi Plugin, setup the paths for the folder of the VST Plugins, than select the Microtonic Sonic Charge Plugin and activate it, that way your DAW recognize the VSTi and VSTi Automap. In the DAW select the VSTi Automap version and Build your setup Parameters in the Automap.

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