Microtonic, inconsistant exporting

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  • Users avatarJames Garvey

    When I play my project in Propellerheads Reason, My tracks play as normal.

    When I export the track, all microtonic patterns begin running from the start of the track until they're triggered to switch off.

    Surely, there's is a simply way to tell microtonic not to play unless it is triggered??

    To quickly get around the problem I had to literally put a Midi note at the start of every channel controlling Micronics, then leave 8 bars of silence. Then begin the track.

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    If Microtonic is set to auto-play (green blinking play button in the interface) it will start when the sequencer starts. If you click the stop button (blue stop button) then it should not auto-start with the sequencer. Also, make sure there is no MIDI note data input on the pattern buttons ( C3 -> ) as that will trigger the patterns to start.

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