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    Loved the po 32 but decided to try micro tonic in order to tweak the sounds towards the styles I wanna make (DnB, early hip hop, acid jazz etc). Haven’t found any way to import natural kit patches into micro tonic due to the required .mtdrums format. Found some nice .wav samples online but can’t comvert them to .mtdrums. Has anybody found a way to import non-.mtdrums patches? How does the import feature work and what formats does it support?

    Failing all this, my parallel mission is to work harder at reproducing analogue drum sounds synthetically. With two whole weeks of experience, I’ll let anybody who cares to listen about analogue aesthetics know how I am going!

    By the way, a wav-to-mtdrums converter would make me register my trial version instantly

    Also, if somebody out there also loves this kind of music, I’d love to hear some tips on recreating analogue sounds! (I believe Magnus is quite talented, inter alia, in recreating sounds from ear!)

    Love to all

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström


    Microtonic and tonic are not samplers, all drums are 100% synthetic and rendered in real-time on both platforms.

  • Users avatarAsh Ley

    Right... They are drum machines right? And I'm trying to make them sound like drums. Somehow... doesn't have to be by sampling. Microtonic plays files in one format, it seems. Is that format not capable of playing acoustic sounds, like some of the other drum machine formats?

    I guess then my challenge goes back into the forum, who can get the cleanest acoustic kit sounds???

  • Users avatarBenjamin Harrison

    If you want acoustic drums sounds, use MicroTonic to trigger something like XLN's Addictive Drums (VST/AU) or, better yet, get a Clavia Ddrum module (hardware) and trigger it with MicroTonic. Ddrum AT through 4 SE's are awesome pieces of hardware and are known for sounding very acoustic.

    MicroTonic, by itself, is not going to give you anything remotely close to an acoustic sound, but it does synthetic better than just about anything else I've ever used.

  • Users avatarAsh Ley


  • Users avatarBenjamin Harrison

    No problem at all! Also, a software-based sampler (NI Battery, for example) will allow you to load your own .wav files and then you could very easily trigger it with MicroTonic.

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