polyrhythm in microtonic?

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    Is it possible to set independent lengths per channel on the step editor?
    Fx: channel 1 is 16 steps long, channel 2 is 7 steps long, channel 3 is 5 steps?

    Or is it a considered feature?

  • Users avatarFredrik Lidström

    No, it is not possible. But it is a fun idea.

  • Users avataranonymous

    So fun as to implement it?

  • Users avatarSteven Sauve

    I do it in Reason, with the DrumSequencer patched into uTonic. Makes uTonic even more fun than it already is.

    Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.38.19 PM.png
  • Users avatarEdward Nixon

    I'm just evaluating Microtonic. The first thing I am wondering about is the poly-rhythm possibilities. If it's not a feature, can individual instruments/tracks be triggered separately?

    For those on Ableton Live with M4L, there's a pack for sale by SkinnerBox called Time and Timbre that contains a very flexible sequencer module they call Time. You can set both the duration and devision of each of 6 tracks out to a Live drum machine or VST.

    If Microtonic can listen on different MIDI channels (or pitches,) maybe the poly-rhythm can be driven externally? If this is an obvious done thing, I haven't gotten through the Manual yet. Apologies.

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