What are the POs based off?

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    First of all, Thanx Magnus for making the POs! That are fantastic, espcially PO-20 :) And its cool that you are swedish, just like me :P

    The PO- 32 is based on the microtonic drum machine written by Lidström. But what about all other POs? Like the PO-20? Are they based on other vsts? Or are they programmed from scratch by Lidström?

  • Users avatarDave Ashford

    Teenage Engineering release the Pocket Operator series, not Sonic Charge. The way I understand it, Sonic Charge have collaborated on 2 models, hopefully with more to come.

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Right! I certainly can't claim credit for all the Pocket Operators. :) The PO-1x series was made by Jonatan and others at Teenage Engineering. The 2x series was programmed by Linus Åkesson, a guy with some truly spectacular inventions like this one:

    YouTube Video

    Then Fredrik and I made the PO-32 based on Microtonic and now the PO-35 which is based on Bitspeek (but still very different). The PO-33 on the other hand was (again) developed by Jonatan at Teenage Engineering based on work by Pex Mahoney, but of course we've done these three in close cooperation to make sure they align feature-wise.

  • Users avatarMattias Johnsson

    Thanx for all replies guys :)

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