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    There are some "power user features" on the PO-35 that I added very late and were never documented in the official online manual. Jakob covered many of these in his excellent tutorial but not all. Here is a complete list (I think 😊):

    Secret key combos

    record + fx + 1,2,3,480/60/40/20 frames per second (choose before rec, low fps = lower quality but longer max length)
    record + fx + 5tune mode (after rec): knob A = change sample root key, knob B = change sample bpm
    record + fx + 6mix mode (after rec): knob A = adjust noise vs tone mix, knob B = adjust sample volume
    record + fx + 7toggle between high pitch range (default) and low pitch range recording modes (before rec)
    record + fx + 8turn the recording metronome on/off (only heard when line-out is connected)
    write + rec + sound + 1-15copy current sample to another slot
    fx + sound + 1-15replace sequenced samples in real time w/o changing anything else (recorded in "edit mode")
    write + pattern + soundtransmits only patterns in active chain (and only samples used by these patterns)
    sound + bpmpress multiple times for various system information (besides battery charge)

    In "edit mode"

    • Hold down a step for a second to copy its settings (sound, pitch, length, parameters). You can now easily copy this exact sound to other steps.
    • Holding down a step and pressing fx lets you edit all four parameters (pitch/formant-shift/start/speed) for that step.
    • When you hold down write you can see which steps are using the currently selected sound. (These are also the steps that will be updated when you use write + knobs for automation.)

    Other useful info and tips

    • The last note you played in "performance mode" will be used in "edit mode" to define sound, knob settings, pitch and even note length when placing new triggers on steps.
    • When holding down record you can see which samples are not in use by any pattern at all and are safe to replace. These buttons are not lit.
    • When using pattern + knobs to change key and scale, the change will have effect first when you release the pattern button (practical for live performances). However, key and scale is stored per pattern so this also means (destructively) updating the key and scale for all active patterns in the current pattern chain.
    • Even though you can't set a note length longer than 16 steps in "edit mode" you can record longer notes live that stretches over several patterns in a chain (using write + buttons in "performance mode").
    • write + sound + buttons can be used to live-record different sounds into a pattern directly.
    • To reset a knob to its default value hold down record and turn it.
    • When live recording with write you can hold down record to erase notes.
    • Turn down the "speed" parameter to -127 for full stop. Now you can use the left "start" knob to "scrub" backwards and forwards through the sound instead of having it play by itself. Naturally you can record this too.
    • Hold down write + pattern when you insert the batteries to restore all patterns and sounds to factory settings. (Warning! You'll lose all your data.)

    About backups

    • When making backups (with write + sound) use a stereo cable and stereo recording in at least 16-bit 44kHz.
    • The signal is very sensitive to noise and distortion so use a good cable and a good audio card.
    • Avoid too low and (especially) too high recording and playback levels. (bpm + 11 is a good output level.)
    • Save as WAV or AIFF. MP3 etc will degrade the signal and may not work at all.
    • Always test that restoring with record + sound works. It is perfectly safe and won't destroy your data even if there are errors.

    Feel free to comment and let me know if there is anything else you wonder.

  • Users avatar.one | Tobias von Hofsten

    full support

  • Users avatarThomas Jansson

    Ah, great - some I didn’t know about there. A question - is there a way of (in performance mode) switching sound without it being played?

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    - Thomas Jansson wrote:
    Ah, great - some I didn’t know about there. A question - is there a way of (in performance mode) switching sound without it being played?

    Not in performance mode, sorry. You have to switch to edit mode (where they don't sound) and back.

  • Users avatarPavel Khrustalev

    Oh, yeah, Thanks Magnus for the secret tips! Found it by accidentally

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Doh, I forgot two things:

    • To reset a knob to its default value hold down record and turn it.
    • When live recording with write you can hold down record to erase notes.

    (I have updated the original post.)

  • Users avatarThomas Jansson

    Hehe, can't be many potential combinations left :)

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    - Thomas Jansson wrote:
    Hehe, can't be many potential combinations left :)

    Not many no. But I was seriously contemplating adding a bunch of pattern functions (like randomize, shifting, reversing pattern etc) under [fx]+[pattern]+[number]. But I'm kind of glad I didn't and I know for sure Jonatan was. It was tough for him as it was to keep pace with the PO-33 (which he started on when the PO-35 was already half finished). :)

  • Users avatarThomas Jansson

    You could have a "wizard mode" which enables if holding down some button at the same time as inserting the batteries :)

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Someone wanted to know more about the various pieces of information that is displayed by the sound + bpm button combination. Here is the complete list:

    batBattery percentage.
    voltBattery voltage.
    cpuCPU load. (Useful for debugging. Should never overload in final product.)
    mem"Sample memory" in use (out of 1024kb). (Also for debugging. Memory can never overload either.)
    buildExact build version. (For in-house and beta testing. All shipped units have the same build version.)
    id-1Machine unique ID 1.
    id-2Machine unique ID 2. (We ask people to send their IDs to us for approving discount on Microtonic.)
  • Users avatarsameloop

    I (think) already know the answer to this (i.e: no), but can you record a sample without holding the buttons? Like, I wanted to record some bass guitar and wanted to let go and have it 'wait' for signal, then play the bass. Thanks.

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