Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Over at Sonic Charge we have been celebrating by whipping up some dsp code between portions of pumpkin pie and trick-and-treat candy that our kids didn't fancy. We simply couldn't resist the temptation of making a new "firmware" for our black and orange friend Permut8.

We call it Trancelvania and it is a pattern controlled amplitude and filter envelope. In other words a "trance gate". Can you imagine anything scarier?

Seriously though, it is fairly straight-forward and simple to use. You get some different options on how to build your pattern (mono, stereo, simple on/off triggers or multiple levels). You can control the envelope attack and release times and you get to choose whether you want to modulate the volume or filter the signal with a low, band or high-pass filter. That's it.

As with all other firmwares, Trancelvania is a Permut8 bank file that you simply load into Permut8 to take over and replace the dsp brain inside. Download and unzip this anywhere you like:
Trancelvania Firmware.p8bank.zip (15.5KB)

Best wishes,
Magnus & Fredrik

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